Shree Shiv Traders


As we know that bitumen is a oil product and it cannot be mixed with water. bitumen emulsion is a mixture of water and bitumen. We add an emulsifier with water before adding bitumen. Pure & high quality bitumen is ground with water solution containing emulsifier, HCL and few other additives.

Rapid Setting (RS-1): Rapid setting emulsion is specially recommended for tack coat

applications. RS-1 is also suitable as binder for penetration macadam and sand seal .

Rapid setting (RS-2): Supreme emulsion is specially designed water based bitumen emulsion with high viscosity and fast setting time that makes it an ideal spraying product for road.

Medium setting (MS): Medium setting emulsion used for plants or mix with coarse and also for surface dressing and penetration. The medium range of setting time makes it an ideal product for premixing


Slow setting (SS-1): is ideally suited for prime coating and WBM/WMM surfaces and it has the ability to penetrate.

Slow setting (SS-2): is used for plant or road mixes with graded and fine aggregate.