Yamaha Rmax4 Street Legal Kit

Our Yamaha Wolverine RMAX self-suppressing turn signal kit also includes a “danger/horn” toggle switch. By pressing the upper “Hazard” side of the actuator, the hazard lights are on, by pressing again, they are deactivated. In addition, press the bottom of the custom toggle switch to activate the FIAMM horn approved for the road. Each ATS has a vehicle-specific wiring harness that connects in-line to the factory rear light belt. The signal for the stop lamp passes through the ATS. Therefore, the back-braking lamp continues to function normally while the activated brake lamp is flashing. Ryco road homologation kits have a turn signal with integrated horn button and emergency indicators. The Ryco kit is connected to the measuring spoon in most UTVs to indicate when the turn signal is activated. On the Polaris digital dashboard, a green light flashes on each side of the dashboard to indicate when the signal is pressed left or right. The analog dashboard has a green () light in the center that flashes (see upgrade note below for older kits). Three LED indicators are used for each front turn signal turning left and right with a signal stat mounted on the steering column, which also contains the horn button.

Factory taillights are used for left and right turn signals. Illuminated license plate holders with night lights are integrated into the system to meet government regulations for road vehicles. Wiring harness and detailed instructions are included in each kit. Satisfaction guaranteed. Unlike our competitors, all ATS kits include auxiliary power output for a license plate light or whip lights. Plus, the auxiliary power supply is good for powering our 6 inch LED lit license plate frame. Above all, each system has a vehicle-specific power connection. Without a doubt, it is easy to install, without cutting cables and without crimping. Due to its size, the ATS is also versatile to install. Everything you need to integrate included OEM brake lights into your vehicle belt. Unplug the rear light strap, plug in ours and enjoy. XTC Power products, made in America and Wired For Fun®! To calculate the total number of stars and the percentage distribution per star, we do not use a simple average.

Instead, our system takes into account things like updating a review and whether the reviewer purchased the item on Amazon. It also analyzed reviews to check for reliability. No return if sealed cable packages are opened or if the contents of the box are installed. Easy installation Plug & PlaySuitable for 2021 Yamaha Wolverine RMAXFits 2 and 4-seaterIncludes two .75-inch orange LED front lightsPlugs in OEM brake light wiring harness, with factory taillightsLaser-engraved LED cornering switchEmergency hazard switchRear power supply for optional license plate lightsMade in the USA!* Please refer to the note below before ordering Ryco Moto 2105 Street Legal Kit for Yamaha Wolverine RMAX/X2/X4 1. UTVs, equipped with front bumpers may require the arrangement of the front traffic lights inside and/or outside the headlights. Older Ryco kits with an analog turn signal that does not flash are eligible for a free upgrade to flash the LED. Please call if you cannot find your model. Ryco has the kit! 801 367 1395 *Important note – The connections, which our turn signal system also connects online to the 2018 Wolverine, are located from the front of the UTV to the back in the male/female direction. The connectors of the 2019-2021 model are female/male from the front of the UTV to the rear, but this is not always the case as some still use the 2018 orientation.

To ensure installation, please check the orientation of the taillight on your Wolverine before ordering. Customer reviews, including star ratings of products, help customers learn more about the product and decide if it`s right for them. Other apps available if yours is not listed. Call with your make, model and year of manufacture (801 367 1395) 2. The Yamaha YXZ may need a taillight bracket safety cage adapter if your machine does not have a roof. They are free if you need them. All TTY reference numbers include a marine-grade rocker switch with laser-cut directional arrows that flash green when activated. When you press the turn signal toggle switch, the ATS activates the turn signal for a short time and then turns off. This feature is useful for facilitating lane changes. On the other hand, prolonged pressure on the toggle switch results in a longer turn signal time, which is suitable for both left and right turns. You can manually cancel the turn signal by pressing the drive a second time.

Found a lower price? Let us know. While we can`t meet all prices listed, we use your feedback to ensure our prices remain competitive. XTC Power Products Leader in UTV cabling. With our new self-suppressing turn signal system for the 2021 Yamaha Wolverine RMAX, never turn your turn signal back on. Similar to its predecessor, the TSS (Turn Signal System), the ATS is a ready-to-use Yamaha Wolverine RMAX turn signal kit that is easy to install. The ATS consists of a small solid-state control box that performs its functions – unlike the larger control box of the previous generation. Like the TSS, the ATS self-cancelling turn signal kit is a modular design with vehicle-specific references.