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A spokesperson for Tasmania`s Department of Justice said that, on the recommendation of the Commonwealth, funds were set aside for any legal aid provider dedicated to the care of vulnerable women, not exclusively to women`s legal advice. If you are in North West Tasmania and are or have been a victim of domestic violence, you can contact our Burnie office directly for legal advice and information by calling 03 6419 7050 or visiting our office at 60A Wilmot Street. Dreyfus said he had asked his department to investigate the $129 million share allocated to front-line legal services for women. The Burnie office provides legal information, advice, and assistance in all legal matters to clients in the northwestern part of the state who are or have been victims of domestic violence. Lauren said she was “appalled” that Commonwealth funding did not go directly to women`s specialist centres. “This adequately recognizes that many legal aid providers provide services specifically for women, in addition to other services for the most vulnerable in our community,” they said. If you are in North Tasmania and are or have experienced domestic violence and would like legal advice, information or referrals, you can call our office in Launceston directly on 03 6349 1943 or call our office on the ground floor, 63-65 Cameron Street, Launceston. The budget statement states: “These funds will be directed to women`s legal centers so that these providers can meet the growing demand for domestic violence assistance.” From its Hobart office, Women`s Legal Service Tasmania provides confidential, free legal advice and referrals to women in Tasmania via our telephone advice line. Legal staff are able to provide advice and referrals on all legal matters, including: Federal Attorney General Mark Dreyfus said women`s legal services are under enormous pressure and desperately need funding. Ms. Cash said the Commonwealth encouraged states and territories to provide funding to providers who provide special legal aid services to women, as well as to some legal centres specializing in domestic violence. “I want agreements like this to ensure that funding for women`s legal services reaches those for whom they are intended and who need it most, particularly women who are experiencing or at risk of domestic violence.” Women`s Legal Service Tasmania is a municipal legal service funded by the Commonwealth Attorney General`s Department and operates a free, national service with offices in Hobart, Burnie and Launceston.

For legal advice or assistance, you can contact the Women`s Legal Service via the helpline or call the Burnie office directly if you are in North West Tasmania or our office in Launceston in the North East. For any further information or requests, please call our Hobart office. “This was necessary because some communities, especially remote and regional communities, do not have their own legal centers for women,” she said. “These women are supported by generalist community law centres, and failure to fund these centres would have meant that women in remote and regional communities would have been cut off from much-needed support. The money was distributed to state and territory attorneys general for distribution to local departments, but not everything went to specialized legal services for women. Our telephone advice line is the first point of contact for all legal advice and support. “If they have the legal advice and expertise, they don`t know what their rights are, these women,” she said. Women`s Legal Service Tasmania manages our national telephone advice from our Hobart office. Wherever you live in Tasmania, your first contact with the service is via our helpline on 1800 682 468, where you can speak directly to a lawyer about your legal issue.

If you need an appointment with one of our lawyers, they will tell you how to find us. Football is also represented at Burnie, with Burnie United F.C. having four teams in the Northern Premier League; The women`s team, the U18 team, the reserve team and the Division One team. They also have youth teams in U-14 and U-16 competitions. Their headquarters are located in Montello, Tasmania. Lauren said navigating the legal system is extremely complicated and survivor victims need women`s legal centers to support them. In addition to telephone advice, Women`s Legal Service Tasmania is sometimes able to provide cases to clients across Tasmania who need representation in their legal matters. In Budget 2021-2022, the federal government allocated $129 million over four years to fund legal aid to help women access justice.